About me

Photography is my way to capture unique emotional moments in time.

Capturing that intimate moments which don’ t last.  Captured and presented in a nice format, will be a reminder for ever. Pictures are small fragments of life which allow our memory to remember these unique moments in life.

My work is done only when the image on a screen, printed, hanging on a wall or bound in a book wakes an emotion in the viewer/customer. There are many pretty pictures but how many really speak to our soul and imagination ? I may not achieve it every time but this is the ultimate goal.

Technique and gear many be important to some, at the end they are only tools. It is important to train the creative vision, anticipate when these unique moments will happen and be ready.

For any engagements or to buy one of my pictures please contact me.



4 Comments On “About me”

  1. Salut Claire,

    c’est avec plaisir que je regarde ton travail.
    Bravo, c’est très beau.



    • Bonjour Antonio,

      Merci pour ces mots gentils. Je vais augmenter ce que je partage ici. Sinon je suis assez active sur Instagram.
      Je me réjouis de lire vos prochains commentaires. Quand je reviens je vous contacte pour voir si on peut faire un truc intéressant ensemble.



  2. Claire,
    Thanks for the review of the Minolta 600mm F4. I have been looking for one and it was nice to see what other gear I would need to use it.

    I’m not sure if it is a translation issue with my browser, but your title and trademark read as “Phothraphy” vice “Photography” in he United States.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Dave,

      Thank you for your comment, I have corrected the setting it is only my dyslexia. I am going to fix my gear recommendations, the links amazon are broken too.

      I will be updating with new article soon. Looking forward for your future visits and comments.

      Keep on creating pictures



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