Sony A99II first review

claire · January 03, 2017 · Blog, Gear · 1 comments

Sony Finally released the update to the A99 the long awaited A99II. When the original A99 was released in 2012 I had initially decided to not buy it. However for a new assignment  I had to get the A99. The camera was so much better than my A850 and A77 that after 1 month I bought a second A99, sold the 850 on ebay and the A77 was a backup.

Fast forward to 2016 the A99 bodies have 250k+ actuation and only 55k for the A77. It has been frustrating to watch Sony release all the new features in the A7 series. And nothing in DSLR Format as a sports shooter I want the bigger body to balance the big glass. I am still waiting for the grip. Kind of disappointed that I lose the 3rd battery. The body is a little smaller but not to bad after a few gigs.

Is it really better ? Well after 3 weeks I have not bought a 2nd one yet, but I keep swapping to the newer body. The file size is insanely big. After buying 300mb/s card, new card reader, PCI 3.1 slot the copy to the PC is actually a lot faster.

The Iso performance is better at my usual 1,600 iso there is definitely a difference but not mind blowing. Auto-focus and burst rate have made my life definitely easier with more great shots. Still experimenting with the different focus modes.and 153 frames in raw at 42mpix before the buffer fills up is insane and just plain cool.

New features like the link to the cellphone for geo tagging and transfer of pictures. I am not a great fan of the publish right away to Instagram but it is kind of cool.

The key is image quality and there there is only one word “WOW” with the 70-200 at 200mm in action shots at 1,000s f2.8 and ISO 1,250 you can zoom in and see very single eyelash. just insane. It is also cool to be able to crop and lose 75% of the pixels and still produce a pretty big print

This picture was take with my 70-400 f4-5.6 at 400mm ISO 2,500 1/640s really impressive compared to the old body


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  1. Weiter so ! Netter Beitrag 🙂

    Cristopher Wentzell · June 18, 2017

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