Sony A99II first review

by claire· January 03, 2017· in Blog, Gear· 1 comments
Sony Finally released the update to the A99 the long awaited A99II. When the original A99 was released in 2012 I had initially decided to not buy it. However for a new assignment  I had to get the A99. The camera was so much better than my A850 and A77 that after 1 month I bought a second A99, sold the 850 on ebay and the A77 was a backup. Fast forward to 2016 the A99 bodies have 250k+ actuation and only 55k for the A77. It has been frustrating to watch Sony release all the new features in the A7 series. And nothing in DSLR Format as a sports shooter I want the bigger body to balance the big glass. I am still waiting for the grip. Kind of disappointed that I lose the 3rd battery. The body is a little smaller but not to bad after a few gigs. Is it really better ? Well after 3 weeks I have not bought a 2nd one yet, but I keep swapping to the newer body. The file size is insanely big. After buying 300mb/s card, new card reader, PCI 3.1 slot the copy to the PC is actually a […]
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NSFL Finales

by claire· October 25, 2016· in Blog, Sports· 1 comments
Une journée sous la pluie pour les finales, pas grave l’occasion de prendre de belles photos quand même. Cliquez sur l’image pour plus de photos du match   A rainy day for the finals, well still an opportunity to take beautiful pictures. Click on the picture for more pictures of the game NSLF 2016 Whoppers – Rhinos NSFL 2016 LUCAF – Bandits                  
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